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UHC Vietnam Techno Solutions Ltd. Was official established on August 09th, 2013 with the vision to study, produce and applied the most newly advanced technology in production as well as in daily life. In the process of formation and development, UHC Vietnam has been supported by the enthusiastic supports of a number of scientists and professors at the Vietnam Academy of Sciences, and other famous academic institutions in Vietnam, Australia and USA. Thanks to the trust of customers, various products of UHC Vietnam have been increasingly closer to consumers with more and more intensive market. In order to meet the most hard-to-satisfy requirements, UHC Vietnam Techno Solutions Ltd. has continuously developed with the motto “applied science to meet all civil demands, protect human health, and improve quality of daily life”.

In this modern life, water is not only the origin of living things but also the human health. In the advanced countries of the world such as the United States, Germany, the Netherlands, Japan, Korea, etc. people can safely use the tap-water for direct drinking purposes, which is also referred to as “direct drinking tap water”. However, the situation of drinking water in Vietnam is a quite troublesome problem which needs to be solved thoroughly and timely. Recognizing that problem, right from the date of establishment, the team of UHC Vietnam has constantly researched and applied the water-related scientific and technological achievements all over the world to bring optimal solutions which are suitable with the characteristics of soil and climate of Vietnam.

In recent years, UHC Vietnam has affirmed its brand and reputation in the water industry with superior product quality and dedicated service. Products that are well received and trusted by the market can be named as follows:

1. Direct drinking tap water treatment

The system of raw and refined filtration components together with  the key technology of advanced oxidation processes and multi-polar magnetic technology is the optimal solution for domestic water supply for every apartments, buildings, and villas, etc. Once your household water is treated, you can safely use your tap water for drinking and cooking purposes without additional treatment such as boiling, or using any water purifier. At the same time, thanks to the superior technology of the system, all heat exchangers in water environment such as water heater, water boiler, pot, etc. will also be protected from scale to improve their productivity and lifespan.

2. Ion Alkaline water machine for commercial use

Ion Alkaline water machine for commercial use shall give you the endless source of Hydrogen-rich Ion Alkaline water of best quality. Unlike normal drinking water, Hydrogen-rich Ion Alkaline water can help you adjust the pH value in the body, prevent oxidation processes, prevent and control diseases and accelerate the process of detoxification in the body. UHC Vietnam satisfies the needs of the industrial market with a wide range of capacity ranging from 150 liters/ hour to 500 liters/ hour. This is the product that provides high-grade drinking water for office buildings, hotels, hospitals, schools, factories, etc.

3. Wine detoxifying and aging machine – GIP-WIN

Wine detoxifying and aging machine GIP-WIN is one of our technology product with a number of advanced features to help eliminate toxins and improve the quality of your wine. GIP-WIN is a combination of multiple agents including: Ultrasound, multi polarized magnetic field, forced and free-vibration magnetic field and temperature to remove such toxins as aldehyde, methanol, fufurol, high-grade alcohol, etc., assimilating the substances in the alcohol solution, shredding normal molecules of water into very tiny ones to slow down the drunken process, increase the ability to detoxification of the body. With GIP-WIN, you can be completely assured of the wine quality and will have no longer to suffer from alcohol poisoning, no headache, no thirst, etc.

4. Living water treatment system for industrial use

Living water treatment system for industrial use is the advanced combination of continuous treatment, applying advanced and modern water treatment methods to ensure the filter efficiency and water quality after stable treatment. The assemblies are linked together by a pipeline network. The simultaneous operation of five agents improves the efficiency of the oxidation of heavy metals and organic compounds by hundreds of thousands of times and removes them from the water source. The output of the system is high quality water for domestic life meeting the HACCP standards of the Ministry of Health Vietnam.

5. Scale treatment technology – SCALETECH

ScaleTech is a breakthrough process technology that reduces operating and maintenance costs, and extends the lifespan of the equipment. This is a green and environmentally friendly technology that other technologies could not be competitive. With the mission of always bringing to customers the latest technology products, bringing great economic value, we always research and develop new products to solve the most difficult and troublesome problem of scale treatment that other technologies fail to solve.

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